White Healing Witch (inmyblueheaven) wrote in herbal,
White Healing Witch

Earthy Clothes online?

I'm looking for a place where I can buy earthy clothes online (must be credit card secure). Looking for stuff in earthy greens and browns or something like a skirt in bright, rich tones that reference flowers but aren't flowers. I want high-quality stuff that's tough enough and casual enough that I feel like I can wear it hiking or sitting on the ground. Frayed, round, interesting edges instead of straight edges would be nice. Think L.L. Bean's (for those of you who live in New England) but not as preppy.

Natural fibers is a must, natural dyes would be nice, but nothing that's going to rub off on skin or will come off in the wash. Washing has to be easy: machine wash, preferably machine dry. I'm not delicate with my clothing.

I think this post is appropriate for this forum, but if not feel free to delete it.

Any suggestion would be most appreciated... Thanks much.

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