weirdnessdk (weirdnessdk) wrote in herbal,

hello out there :)

i am new here and i thought i'd just introduce myself and tell you all why i joined so here goes: 

My name is Lene and i'm 24 years old. I've never had a garden before. Then last August i moved into this nice little house with a little garden. and i have  a dream that i want both pretty, colourful flowers in it as well as herbs and vegetables. the woman who lived here before me was old and she was unable to take care of the garden the last years she lived here so now i'm kind of stuck with this jungle. LOL. but i want to make it a good and useful garden that i can take care of and enjoy. 

the reason i joined this community is that i want to learn more about which herbs i could put in my garden and what they can be used for. i am mainly up for herbs that are good for your skin, digestion, joints and muscles. but i hope to end up with herbs that are good for so many more things. :D
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