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i was reading a book on little things you can do at home to be more 'green'? and it gave a little folk remedy for fleas! my cat Isabelle always battles with them bad. i gave her advantage over a week ago and she's still scratching like crazy. the vet thinks it might've gone into an infection and a steroid shot would stop her from scratching but who's got the money for that??? anyway the book said to boil a cup of rosemary in two quarts of boiling water. bathe the cat and allow it to dry thoroughly and then spray on the rosemary water. however it failed to mention how long to let the rosemary boil...still it's something to consider trying though. i'm going to look into the uses of rosemary first though and make sure it's not poisonous if a cat ingests it. isabelle isn't known for a strong stomach...i don't need her licking it off and then getting sick. DOES ANYONE HERE KNOW IF ROSEMARY WOULD MAKE A CAT SICK IF ACCIDENTALLY INGESTED?

also the book gave an idea for a super cheap air freshener. boil some orange rinds and other things like that and it will diffuse a nice smell into the air. plus then you can dab a little on a light bulb and when the light bulb heats up voila instant air freshener. this is something i'm definitely going to look into.
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