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Welcome to the Herbal community, for discussion of herbs and other plants along with their properties and uses. We'd love to hear about your experiences of various herbs along with any cultivation techniques, methods for extracting various beneficial components, or recipes for applying them!

Thats about it, really ... here are some important notes:

  • Always seek medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner, and adhere to any prescribed course of traditional medical treatment. Tell your doctor about any herbal remedies you take in case they conflict with your regular medicine.

  • If possible, buy your herbs from a reputable store. If you wish to gather them directly from 'the wild', test the plant you wish to harvest to ensure you have identified it correctly. Check new plants with an 'edibility test' from a reputable source before consumption.

  • Not all herbs are harmless and able to be treated the same way as foodstuffs.

  • Keep a record of any herbs you take, particularly if it is the first time you have tried that herb. If you suffer an allergic reaction, your record may be vital in ensuring you are given the appropriate treatment.